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A New Vision

Last month on Saturday, the 10th of May almost 100 of the leaders of the Diocese of Southern Virginia gathered at The Church of the Redeemer in Midlothian, VA.  At this first-ever gathering of lay and ordained Christian leaders we were challenged and inspired by Tod Bolsinger to begin to envision a new leadership style.

Tod’s presentation, largely based upon his book, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Unchartered Territory, engaged us in both encouraging and challenging conversation about the requirements for leadership in our new era.  If we take at face value what Tod said, and I do, then we will need to be thinking about some of the leadership shifts we will need to make – sooner rather than later.  For example, as we try to get our heads and leadership style wrapped around “adaptive change,” it is clear to me that our older management style of status quo maintenance will not serve the leaders (either lay or ordained) within our congregations. 
Now our next venture int…