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With new vistas come new opportunities

As I write this I am on my way to the School of Theology at Sewanee, TN to visit with a couple of our seminarians.  From there I will travel on to Chicago for a visit with the President, staff, and faculty of Bexley-Seabury Seminary to explore new modalities of theological education.  Thinking about this trip I am becoming aware that both visits have to do with how we will move into the theological formation of clergy for a new and emerging era.  As many people are proclaiming, this new era of ministry delivery and congregation forming may be so new to us that few have any idea of what to expect.  From where I stand, it appears to be an era of opportunity.  Yet, we’ll only be able to see the opportunities when we learn to look in the right places. Next Saturday (5/11/19) as clergy and lay leaders, we will gather at Redeemer Church in Midlothian to have conversations with Tod Bolsinger to explore how we might begin to shift our vision so that we can see our new possibilities. M